• String perturbation theory and Riemann surfaces (2018). A quick introduction to string perturbation theory and calculus on Riemann manifolds. The basic conclusion is that, by simply propagating through space, a string can hear the shape of every Riemann surface! The final project for a course on string theory.
  • Inflation: inhomogeneities and spectra (2016). Notes on inflation for a seminar course on cosmology. The goal is to explain how classical late-time structure in the universe can be the result of early quantum ripples.
  • The functional equation for Riemann’s zeta (2015). A self-contained proof of the functional equation for Riemann’s zeta function. Mainly written for my own edification.
  • Time-travelling qubits (2014). Undergraduate coursework project on quantum mechanics and closed timelike curves (CTCs). If they are consistent, CTCs are magical quantum doodads for finding fixed points.